The Complete Guide to Chair Caning


The Complete Guide to Chair Caning

from 18.95

Restore Your Caned Furniture to its Original Beauty and Function

By Jim Widress

No longer will repairing your antique cane and wicker furniture be intimidating, frustrating or overwhelming! This instructive book from Jim Widess—caning expert and author of the bestselling The Caner's Handbook—will quickly and effectively teach you how to repair cane, wicker, splint, rush, and rattan furniture as reliably and authentically as the pros.

With step by step instructions, fantastic color photographs, and five incredibly detailed seat weaving projects, The Complete Guide to Chair Caning will teach you everything you need to know about fixing virtually any piece of woven furniture. In addition to exploring the details of hand-caning, rush weaving, splint weaving, wicker weaving, and rattan wraps, you’ll learn about:

The history and production of caning
How to use machine-made caning to restore an old chair
Creating beautiful and intricate rattan wrap patterns for joints, teapot handles, and baskets
Rattan processing
Incorporating color patterns using paper rush to mimic the French colored straw-wrapped rush.
Fashioning a durable and comfortable rush seat using long strands of fiber
And much more

The Complete Guide to Chair Caning will provide everything amateurs and hobbyists need to take on caning projects from start to finish. Experienced and beginning caners alike will appreciate the wealth of expert, time-tested tips Jim Widess has picked up in his three decades of renowned work.


Page Count: 370

ISBN: 9781626546240 (Paperback)

ISBN: 9781626546257 (Hardcover)

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