Wildlife Painting Basics: Wolves, Foxes & Coyotes


Wildlife Painting Basics: Wolves, Foxes & Coyotes

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By Jan Martin McGuire

Widely considered one of the world’s top female wildlife painters, Jan Martin McGuire has literally lived with wolves. Now she brings her unique experiences and abilities to Painting Wolves, Foxes & Coyotes, an indispensible guidebook for any artist interested in capturing the beauty and majesty of these incredible creatures.


ISBN: 978-1-63561-043-7 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 978-1-63561-044-4 (Paperback)


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Jan Martin McGuire is widely considered to be one of the world’s top wildlife artists—and the best known woman wildlife artist. Jan has put brush to canvas in forests, fields, and even in the wilds of Africa with armed guards to keep the elephants and lions at bay.

Her remarkable ability to capture wildlife through her artwork is renowned for bringing dimensions to her subjects that even the most advanced photographers are unable to capture. For the first time, Jan shares her theories and techniques for painting some of her favorite animals in Wildlife Painting: Wolves, Foxes & Coyotes.

Having literally lived with wolves in the past, Jan Martin McGuire’s personal perspective puts a unique spin on traditional art guides. In her own words, “To paint nature well, you must understand all you can about your subject. The more you know, the more accurate, realistic and emotionally dynamic your painting will be. If you are excited about your subject, you will be able to create paintings that excite the viewer.”