Book Lover / Review Club

Book reviews are a critical part of the decision-making process for online shoppers.  As publishers, we like see a steady steam of reviews posted on Amazon. To encourage reviewer-ship and engagement, we want to ship our titles to select book-enthusiasts and influencers like you, in exchange for an honest Amazon (or blog review*) of the work(s).  

We know you busy, and have made this as simple, and we hope compelling, as possible.  Please review the process below, and if you can reasonably commit to the conditions, sign on and read the rewards!

Your prerequisites:

  • Must be a book lover!  (Not much point otherwise!)
  • You must have an active amazon account in good standing, with a 6+ month purchase history 
  • You should be able to write/post an interesting, informative Amazon review. 
  • You must be able to place your order on the same day that you receive your Amazon checkout link

 The content of your reviews are completely at your discretion. We genuinely hope that the books you receive will be works that you can honesty recommend to others.  

How it works:  

  1. After approval, we send you your first URL link
  2. That day, you follow the link to Amazon- adding the linked books to your cart- and checking out with our promo code for a 95% discount off the total. 
  3. Receive and enjoy (almost) free books!
  4. Write and post to Amazon a review of the title that appealed to you the most 
  5. Tell us when you have posted your review!

Then What Happens?

  • Once you post your review (and let us know), we will queue your account for the next available book offer (which may come as soon as that same week!)  What a great way to discover new books for less!  
  • Since we are not *only* a publisher, but also distribute for many others, we have a heap of titles you will enjoy!  For every third review you post, you can also pick a FREE bonus book from our considerable selection of other works, to be shipped along with your next review box.  
  • Want more books faster? Review more than one book per delivery, and write compelling reviews! 

Other Considerations:

  • <strike>Rule one of Book Review Club is that you don't talk about Book Review Club</s>... no wait, that isn't right...
  • Rule one of Book Review Club, is that you may not resell our published titles online. You can keep the books, gift them if you wish, turn them to paper-mache sculptures, but no online re-sale!  Anytime you start accumulating titles that you would prefer not to keep, let us know and we would be happy to pay for flat-rate or media mail returns.  

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