At Water's Edge


At Water's Edge


By Roger Bansemer & Bill Renc

By two longtime Floridians, a beautiful hand-illustrated guide to Florida’s many birds and their habitats. Award-winning artists Roger Bansemer and Bill Renc capture these creatures in detailed watercolor portraits and familiar descriptions. From beaches to mangroves to swamps, you’ll learn more about Florida’s habitats and the charismatic birds that call them home.

Featuring more than 150 paintings of over 60 birds, each page contains profiles that describe the birds’ habitat, personality, distinctive calls, and identifying marks. An additional section with commentary and full-spread illustrations of common types of habitat makes this essential reading for anyone wanting a deeper familiarity with Florida’s natural environment.

As the authors put it, this charming guide is an ode to “the majesty and wonderment of these treasures at water’s edge.”

Page Count: 128

ISBN: 9781635617856 (Hardcover)

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About the Authors/Illustrators


Roger Bansemer is a prolific painter and author whose works are known internationally. He is an accomplished videographer and instructor. Roger and Sarah have produced ten seasons of he nationally televised PBS series "Painting and Travel with Roger and Sarah Bansemer" in various locations across the United States. Viewers who like nature, art and travel love watching the master painter describe the painting process while each new work evolves on location complete with Sarah's interviews and scenic travelogues. Roger's work can be seen at


Bill Renc's home and studio are in Safe Harbor, Florida where he lives with his wife, Linda, and their daughter, Christine. Bill's strong identity with the Florida environment, combined with his subtle choice of colors and subjects provide a most realistic depiction of Florida's beauty. His paintings and editions of etchings have been collected by corporations, museums, foreign governments, and private collectors. Renc's works have been exhibited in Stockholm, Sweden; Heidelberg, Germany; and Arrowmont School in Gatlingburg, Tennessee.