The Curious Lore of Precious Stones


The Curious Lore of Precious Stones


By George Frederick Kunz

This foundational study of gemstone lore presents a comprehensive history of precious and semi-precious stones and a survey of their particular properties. Author George Frederick Kunz—America’s foremost gemologist, gemstone and collector of the period—reveals a treasure trove of superstitions, symbolisms, and metaphysical properties associated with specific gems through the ages.

In addition to explaining the qualities of each special stone, Kunz explores :

· crystal balls and crystal gazing;
· discussions of protective talismans and amulets;
· illuminating information about planetary and astral influences;
· gems for spiritual and healing use.

Kunz shares his genuine passion for the subject, with a deep, academic, and professional understanding of the wide range of source material. Elements of folklore, cultural beliefs, strange characteristics, occult attributes, birthstone designations, and traditional magical and healing properties of gemstones are all thoroughly reviewed.

Illustrated with original plates and drawing from a remarkable collection of ancient lapidary tomes, oral traditions, biblical writings, religious stories, legends, archeological findings, this valuable modern classic makes fascinating reading. This is an essential reference for any gem lover or precious stone collector’s library.

Page Count: 502

ISBN: 9781635617146 (Paperback)

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