Going Out in Style: The Architecture of Eternity


Going Out in Style: The Architecture of Eternity

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By Douglas Keister

What would you want chiseled into a stone that would represent you and your life for all eternity? Douglas Keister, considered by many to be America’s foremost authority on cemeteries, takes you on a tour of some of the country’s most memorable memorials in Going Out in Style: The Architecture of Eternity.

Keister’s evocative photographs capture some of the most beautiful architecture in America in the places that one is least likely to look for it. Mausoleums, statues, and memorials are a connection between the modern world and the generations that went before us. Keister’s lens bridges the distance between these two worlds.

Featuring text by American Cemetery Magazine associate editor Xavier Cronin, Going Out in Style is a comforting reminder that we can still make our mark in this world long after we’ve left it.


ISBN: 9781635610390 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781635618402 (Paperback)

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