Letter Design in the Graphic Arts


Letter Design in the Graphic Arts

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By Mortimer Leach

This classic, mid-century reference from the golden age of advertising is a comprehensive sourcebook for the use of lettering in graphic design. 

Featuring a wide breadth of examples from lipstick ads to film posters and billboards, Letter Design in the Graphic Arts analyzes the ways in which type can effectively contribute to design layouts and identifies errors that can detract from the success of an advertisement. Lengthy, detailed interviews with designers, artists, and account executives add to the value of this remarkable book. 

With large photos of actual advertisements as well as details on the fonts and lettering, this book covers:

  • Standard letter design for advertisements

  • Letter design for space advertisements in newspapers and magazines

  • Lettering for outdoor displays like billboards

  • Lettering and its applications in package design

  • Creative and alternative approaches to hand-lettering

  • With tips on creative combinations and layout suggestions based on examples in the book, Letter Design in the Graphic Arts is sure to be a unique and inspiring reference for modern designers working in print or digital media.


Page Count: 194

ISBN: 978-1-62654-617-2 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781635618044 (Paperback)

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