The Art of Color and Design


The Art of Color and Design


By Maitland Graves

In The Art of Color and Design, Maitland Graves identifies and analyzes the core principles of visual design in one of the most important art reference books of the 20th century.  In the author’s own words, this work is intended to be “an orderly, clear, and simple analysis of the elements and principles upon which all visual art is built”.  A comprehensive analysis of all facets of design, this text is essential for all visual artists and designers.

As a key figure in an art-world fractured and subdivided into ultra-specific genres like cubism, vorticism, and Dadaism, Graves reaffirms the “common ideals and criteria” of visual aesthetic order, and understanding these principles is critical to cultivating a broad, inclusive perspective.
The language of art becomes a crucial factor in the distillation of these principles, and the Graves’ efforts to clarify and elevate the muddled terminology of art discourse are testament to their importance.

The exercises at the end of each section make this an especially useful tool for students and instructors.

Page Count: 456

ISBN: 9781635610963 (Hardcover)

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