Screwball: The Life of Carole Lombard


Screwball: The Life of Carole Lombard

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By Larry Swindell

Carole Lombard was Hollywood’s undisputed Queen of comedy in the 1930s, even embarking on a marriage with Tinseltown’s reigning King, Clark Gable. Lombard’s career soared to dizzying heights, only to be cut tragically short. Noted biographer Larry Swindell presents the whole story of the girl from Indiana who became a silver screen superstar.


ISBN: 9781626546165 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626546257 (Paperback)

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Uninhibited, vivacious, and a startling talent, Carole Lombard was the darling of her day. Her wit and charm made her the social as well as artistic hub around which Hollywood revolved during the '30's. She was years before her time in her sophistication, and her independence established her as an oracle of the New Woman. She was an enchanting beauty and a great artist—the supreme comedienne during the high point of American film comedy.

Larry Swindell vividly recreates her career and extraordinary personal life. Her fabled love affair and marriage with Clark Gable are here put into proper focus for the first time.

Told by a master chronicler o f the movies, this is a vibrant biography of the hometown girl who became one of greatest stars of Hollywood's golden age.