The Woods Were Full of Men

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The Woods Were Full of Men

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By Irma Lee Emmerson with Jean Muir

In this lively memoir, Irma Lee Emmerson tells the true account of her spontaneous, covert decision to leave the comforts of her sister's San Francisco home to work as a second cook at a logging camp in Coos Bay, Oregon. During this impulsive journey, Irma meets with obstacles and victories that give her insight into her capabilities as never before. After years of rejection from prospective employers and love interests, Irma proves that she can support herself financially and inspire romance.

The Woods Were Full of Men, not only a tale of one woman's path to self-discovery, provides a firsthand cultural and historical snapshot of 1940s gender roles in addition to a number of regional issues concerning the often stigmatized profession of loggers.

This delightful story has inspired readers since its initial publication in 1963 and is sure to continue to enchant generations to come.


ISBN: 9781626548466 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626540712 (Paperback)

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