Briar Rose and the Golden Eggs


Briar Rose and the Golden Eggs

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By Diane Redfield Massie

Briar Rose is a goose whose desire for a life of luxury leads her to fake the ability to lay golden eggs. Once word of her “special ability” spreads, however, this silly goose finds herself in hot water unless she can use her wits to save the day.


ISBN: 9781635610130 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781635610147 (Paperback)

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Briar Rose is a bored goose who feels like she deserves a better, more glamorous life than her farmer is currently providing. When Briar Rose hatches a scheme to fake the ability to lay golden eggs, it looks as though her ship has finally come in. 

At first, Briar Rose enjoys her new life of luxury and fame, but soon this silly goose
learns that lies and trickery often come with unforeseen consequences.

Award-winning author Diane Redfield Massey brings this charming fable to life with vibrant characters and an important lesson for young readers. Share this classic story about being true to one’s self with a whole new generation.