The Unforgettable Story of a Young Princess on a Mission to Save her Kingdom

By Monica Furlong, Cover illustration by Diane Dillon

The daughter of a king in Cornwall, Juniper enjoys the luxurious life of a medieval princess. But when presented with the opportunity to learn the magic of nature and its healing powers, Juniper opts for the tough route and becomes an apprentice to nature's wisdom.

Upon completion of her training and returning home, she discovers her power-mad aunt, Meroot, using black magic to usurp the throne. With the kingdom in peril, the young healer must use her untested powers to stop her mad aunt before the kingdom is destroyed!

A prequel to Monica Furlong's Wise Child, this enthralling fantasy is a highly reviewed reader favorite. Juniper has been placed near the top of nearly 100 "Best of" lists, including Best YA Fiction, Best Fantasy Books, and YA Books with Strong Female Characters. Find out why this is such a beloved book!

Page Count: 206

ISBN: 9781635618501 (Hardcover)

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