Wise Child


Wise Child

from 14.95

A Spellbinding Story of Magic, Healing and Wisdom 

By Monica Furlong

Orphaned by the death of her grandmother and her father’s disappearance, 9-year-old Wise Child is taken in by Juniper, a healer and sorceress. Soon enough, the young girl finds herself flourishing under Juniper’s care—learning about herbal lore, and even introductory magic. But just as she begins to feel at home in the Scottish village, the girl’s mother—the black witch Maeve—returns.

Forced to choose between Maeve and Juniper, Wise Child has a difficult decision to make. She could stay with Juniper or leave with Maeve and adopt a life of luxury. In making her choice, Wise Child comes to discover her own growing supernatural powers and true loyalties.

As the story unfolds, Maeve’s evil magic—a mysterious plague—and the fears of villagers put Wise Child and Juniper in very real danger.

Page Count: 238

ISBN: 9781635618259 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781635618136 (Paperback)