Clothing from the Hands That Weave


Clothing from the Hands That Weave

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By Anita Luvera Mayer

Clothing from the Hands that Weave is a remarkable book that traces the history of weaving and fashion from the beginning of time through the modern era. Part memoir, part weaving instruction, part historical textbook, Clothing from the Hands that Weave will educate and inspire you. Detailed descriptions and analyses of ancient clothing styles and construction techniques are combined with wildly creative and exciting ideas for updating and adapting them. From simple loom-shaped rectangles to a stunning, entirely hand-woven wardrobe, this book has got it all. Filled to the brim with notes, tips, patterns, and more, Clothing from the Hands that Weave is truly one-of-a-kind among weaving books.

About the Author

Anita Luvera Mayer has been weaving for some fifty years. Her clothing workshops all over the country have inspired countless weavers to deeper appreciation and new levels of personal creativity in their weaving. Her work has been featured in national and international exhibits. She has published three books and three monographs, and is a frequent contributor to national magazines.


ISBN: 9781626543362 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626543355 (Paperback)

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