Gourd Musical Instruments


Gourd Musical Instruments

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By Jim Widess & Ginger Summit


Gourd Musical Instruments is an audio book that describes 40 different musical instruments made from gourds, a hard shell vegetable closely related to the pumpkin and zuccini. Each two facing pages of the book describes in detail the audio track of the compact disk with informative text and one or more color photographs.


ISBN: 9781626546219 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781635618020 (Paperback)

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This slim book is an encyclopedia of gourd instruments from around the world. Compiled by artisans and gourd experts Jim Widess and Ginger Summit, Gourd Musical Instruments is packed with information on remarkable gourd instruments of every variety. 

Gourd Musical Instruments features 40 different instruments, illustrated with over 60 colorful photographs and brought to life with a downloadable audio companion that lets you hear them in action. Delving into the history, design, function, and playing methods of each instrument, the detailed explanations will fascinate and inspire you. Instruments featured range from simple flutes, kazoos, drums, and shakers, to gourd didgeridoos, banjos, lutes, horns and more. Among those included are,

The Afro-Brazilian Berimbau
The rare Vietnamese Dan Bao
The Cambodian Kse Diev
The Kenyan Nyatiti lyre

And dozens of others

A fantastic source of inspiration for aspiring instrument-makers, and a fun read for anyone interested in traditional world music, Gourd Musical Instruments is not to be missed.