Gourds with Southwestern Motifs


Gourds with Southwestern Motifs

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Gourds with Southwestern Motifs: Rainsticks, Masks, Vessels & More

By Bonnie Gibson

The magnificent possibilities of gourd crafting are all featured in this splendid guide, which covers all the basics. Find out how to choose the right gourd; what safety procedures to follow; how to clean, cut, and smooth the gourd; and which tools and materials to use. The 21 projects range from rattles and vessels to masks and rainsticks.


ISBN: 9781626541528 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781635618037 (Paperback)

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In a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, gourds are a crafter’s dream come true. They are one of nature’s most versatile materials, and in the hands of a creative artisan, they can be transformed into beautiful and functional objects and instruments.

This imaginative guide to crafting with gourds will instruct you in a variety of techniques for creating and decorating gourd masks, rainsticks, vases, jewelry boxes, and more, all with a unique southwestern flavor. Cut them, carve them, paint them, engrave them, or embellish them with leather, fur, feathers, and botanicals—endless creative possibilities are featured in this unique book. Inside you’ll find tips and techniques on:

  • Setting up a work area
  • Selecting and growing your own gourds
  • Cleaning and cutting gourds
  • Safely using power tools
  • Pyrography or “drawing with fire”

And nearly two-dozen specific gourd projects
With beautiful photos and detailed instructions, Gourds with Southwestern Motifs is sure to delight and inspire beginners and seasoned experts alike.