Making Gourd Musical Instruments


Making Gourd Musical Instruments


Over 60 String, Wind & Percussion Instruments & How to Play Them

By Jame Widess and Ginger Summit

Ginger Summit and Jim Widess have scoured the earth to find a collection of wonderful and unusual gourd instruments to pluck, blow, bang, and hit. Along with the instructions for making these, you'll get hints for playing them and a wealth of fascinating background information. 


ISBN: 9781626543331 (Hardcover)

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Naturally resonant and aesthetically appealing, gourds seem ripe for music making before they’re even plucked from the vine. Once they’re hollowed, dried, and cleaned, it’s easy to see how gourds can be transformed into a drum, shaker, banjo, flute, and more. From water drums to guiros, rain sticks to lutes and pipes, gourds have been used to make joyous, vibrant music for centuries. And now you can make gourd instruments of your very own!
In this fun and instructive book, authors and gourd artists Jim Widess and Ginger Summit provide step-by-step instructions for building over 60 instruments from gourds. From xylophones and drums to stringed spike fiddles and wind instruments like the fipple flute, building your own instruments from gourds has never been easier. 

The authors also provide historical and cultural context for the designs, explaining where and when the instruments were first developed and how they have evolved over time. They also include clear and easy-to-understand explanations of the science behind the instruments. 

From cleaning, drying, scraping, and sealing gourds to decorating the final products, no step of the process is left uncovered. Making Gourd Musical Instruments is richly illustrated with photos and diagrams and will have you blowing, plucking, strumming, and striking with the best of them in no time.