Marbling Techniques


Marbling Techniques


How to Create Traditional and Contemporary Designs on Paper and Fabric

By Wendy Addison Medeiros

The ancient art of marbling, first practiced in 15th-century Persia, is alive and well with contemporary crafters and designers. It is the fluid and ethereal “cloud art” that was once seen only inside the covers of old books. The swirling, feathery patterns and dramatic speckles of color convey an almost exotic feel, yet these complex, elegant designs are remarkably easy to achieve using simple materials and tools, even for first-time marblers.

With this beautifully illustrated book, author and artist Wendy Addison Medeiros presents clear and insightful instructions on how to create your own marbling patterns in a variety of mediums. In the first section, she explains how to choose and prepare your tools and materials, with specific attention paid to the requirements of different types of paints, papers, and fabrics. Then, in the next section, the book shows off gorgeous samples of possible patterns, along with easy-to-follow techniques for creating them; this section includes a treasure trove of helpful troubleshooting tips. And finally, Medeiros suggests a wealth of ways to use marbling in various projects and offers inspiring ideas for possible ways to make money selling your marbled products.

Filled with insightful practical advice you won’t find anywhere else, Marbling Techniques is an invaluable resource for beginners and experienced crafters alike. It will quickly put you on the path to confidently creating gorgeous marbling patterns of your own.  

Page Count: 144

ISBN: 9781635618242 (Paperback)

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