Tapestry Weaving


Tapestry Weaving

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A Comprehensive Study Guide

By Nancy Harvey

It’s easy to learn tapestry weaving from start to finish with Nancy Harvey, one of America’s best-known teachers of this exciting craft. Using the same clear step-by-step approach that makes her workshops so successful, Nancy leads you through building a simple frame loom, to mastering the basic techniques, to completing handsome pieces based on her designs. She even provides tips on how to prepare designs of your own. In this book, you will find:

  • Beginning and intermediate samplers to help you learn the basics
  • Hundreds of highlighted tips for weavers of all levels of experience
  • Six practice designs for building skills
  • Ideas inspiring your own designs, even if you “can’t draw”
  • Over 380 illustrations and photographs

With hundreds of diagrams, tips, and tapestry designs, Tapestry Weaving: A Comprehensive Study Guide is essential reading for tapestry artists and handweavers alike.

About the Author

Nancy Harvey’s tapestries hang in homes and art collections all over the country, and her videos, books, and workshops have brought the pleasure of tapestry weaving to thousands. She founded Victorian Video Productions in 1985, and as CEO and Executive Producer, she has created over 75 instructional videos on textile and related handcrafts, many of which have received awards of excellence at a variety of national and international film and video competitions. Nancy also developed a process for utilizing tapestry techniques to create a “wearable weight” fabric for clothing which is detailed in her DVD Tapestry Techniques for Fabric for Clothing. The poncho she is wearing features this technique as well as surface design stamping and stenciling.


ISBN: 9781626540934 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626540729 (Paperback)

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