The Complete Book of Tailoring


The Complete Book of Tailoring


Written by Adele Margolis

Illustrated by Judy Skoogfors


In this classic guide, acclaimed sewer and writer Adele P. Margolis offers expert advice for the home sewer who wants to take his or her skills to the next level and not only “make clothes,” but to tailor one’s creations to fit in that way that off-the-rack almost never can.

Fashions change, but tailoring remains a timeless skill. From beginning to finished product, this essential primer covers every step you need to know to create successful and custom-fitted fashion.

Featuring 340 drawings, Margolis’ must-have guide includes both classic and contemporary tailoring—from pinning, cutting and marking to installing zippers, button holes and pockets.

Within, you will learn to make suits, coats and ensembles that are well-constructed and expensive-looking, but affordable and approachable enough to make at home.  One of the most valuable references of its kind, The Complete Book of Tailoring belongs deserves a spot on every sewing table.


Page Count: 482

ISBN: 9781635610925

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