The Techniques of Tablet Weaving


The Techniques of Tablet Weaving

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By Peter Collingwood

When Techniques of Tablet Weaving was first published in 1982 it sold out almost immediately. Weavers, fiber artists, and collectors, hungry for the vast and carefully organized repository of information it contained, have spent years excitedly sharing dog-eared paperback editions and roughly photocopied excerpts of this one-of-a-kind volume. No commercially published book, before or since, has captured the amount and quality of information and research on the art of tablet weaving (also known as card weaving).

Finally, long-deprived cardweaving enthusiasts can own their very own copy of Peter Collingwood’s landmark book thanks to this high-quality 2015 reprint, complete with dozens of detailed photographs, pattern examples, and step-by-step instructions for each of the techniques presented.

In addition to instructional information, Techniques of Tablet Weaving contains pages of historical context for a variety of weaving techniques with clear and helpful tips on reproducing them precisely, as well as modern variations on the classics.


ISBN: 9781626542143 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626542150 (Paperback)

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