The Ultimate Band Saw Box Book

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The Ultimate Band Saw Box Book

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By Donna LaChance Menke

The band saw makes box projects easier than ever! Not only is the band saw safer than a table saw, but it also allows woodworkers to make a variety of projects without a shop full of expensive tools.

The Ultimate Band Saw Box Book is the culmination of Donna Menke's many years of woodworking experience. Menke guides the reader through the basics of selecting and handling wood to cutting, sanding, assembling, and even repairing your box projects. As most boxes are not complete without embellishment, Menke also instructs on carving and inlay.

This guide covers the essentials of band saw use and safety, in addition to tips on construction designs and finishing techniques. Progressing from easy to more advanced projects, the box plans featured include:

  • Basic boxes
  • Nesting boxes
  • Puzzle and sliding-lid boxes
  • Pivoting-top boxes
  • Hinged boxes
  • Drawer boxes

Express yourself through the infinite design potential of band saw boxes!


ISBN: 9781626542419 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626548503 (Paperback)

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