Boat Joinery and Cabinet Making Simplified


Boat Joinery and Cabinet Making Simplified


By Fred P. Bingham

Starting with a simple task, such as a deck box, or even a tool box, this book proceeds to bigger projects so that you can develop the skills you need to build almost anything. This book includes joinery techniques and handy gimmicks. It also provides alternative procedures for several of the projects included herein.


Page Count: 304

ISBN: 9781626543928 (Paperback)

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With over 60 years’ experience as a boat builder/designer, Fred Bingham is the ideal companion for any DIY boat woodworking enthusiast. In Boat Joinery and Cabinet Making Simplified, Bingham sets out to turn novices into carpenters, and carpenters into craftsmen.
Beginning with simple projects, Bingham’s expert techniques and easy-to-follow instructions help you develop the skills to tackle more and more advanced projects. Whether you’re a weekend hobbyist or a veteran boat builder, this indispensable guide will teach you:
•    The tools you absolutely must have
•    Fred Bingham’s tried and true tips and gimmicks
•    Alternate procedures for projects
•    Joinery techniques for boat-specific projects