Runabout Renovation: How to Find and Fix Up an Old Fiberglass Speedboat


Runabout Renovation: How to Find and Fix Up an Old Fiberglass Speedboat


By Jim Anderson

For those who own a cherished but dilapidated fiberglass runabout, or for those who want a boat but are turned off by the high prices today's offerings, this book explains everything there is to know about making a runabout into a showpiece for a fraction of the cost of a new model. Jim Anderson leads readers through the whole renovation process.


ISBN: 9781626544000 (Paperback)



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Whether you’re fishing, waterskiing, or just enjoying a lazy day out on the water, nothing beats a runabout. These boats were just built for fun.

If you’re one of those lucky speedboat owners looking for maintenance tips, or even if you’re a first-time buyer with an eye on an older model in need of some TLC, expert runabout renovator Jim Anderson has the answers to all of your questions.

In this informative and easy-to-follow guide, Jim takes you through the entire process of fixing up your roundabout; from locating and purchasing to the last coat of paint. Jim’s trademark sense of humor and ability to cut straight to the simplest solutions make it seem like you’re working alongside an old friend.  Topics include:

•    Choosing and surveying your boat
•    Cosmetic repairs and touch-ups
•    Replacing the floors, carpets, and interior
•    Building a new transom
•    Upgrading electrical and mechanical systems