Funny Farm


Funny Farm


A Sweeping Epic of the Sticks

By Jay Cronley

The Farmers quit their jobs and move from New York City out to the country. But they have to share their rural paradise with wacky locals, marauding water snakes, and more hilarious gags and mishaps than they can shake a stick at…

“Uprorious . . . Uttlerly absurd . . . Wonderfully endearing.” — The New York Times Book Review

“Ridiculous, implausible, bonehead dumb, and laught-out-loud funny throughout” — Playboy

Another Jay Cronley title that you’re sure to enjoy is Good Vibes, a hilarious account of a day at the races.

Page Count: 340

ISBN: 9781635618198 (Paperback)

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Endorsements for Funny Farm

Funny Farm surely must be considered among the best works of humor published recently . . . a wonderfully entertaining and inventive novel?” —Dallas Times Herald

“Hilarious!” —The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Wonderful... A punchy comic novel . . . Cronley keeps the action galloping along from one outrageous comic absurdity to the next?” —The San Francisco Chronicle

“A very funny book!” —The Oklahoman

“Gags abound, the plot is full of surprises." —Publishers Weekly

“Ridiculous, implausible, bonehead dumb, and laught-out-loud funny throughout . . . Funny Farm  will never be hailed as a classic. It’s too much of a joy ride for that.” —Playboy