From Curries to Kebabs


From Curries to Kebabs

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Recipes from the Indian Spice Trail

By Madhur Jaffrey

As Indians immigrated to different countries, they brought with them ingredients and cooking techniques that resulted in countless delicious hybrids of classic dishes.

In this groundbreaking cookbook, bestselling author Madhur Jaffrey illustrates the evolution of curry and its close relative, the kebab, throughout Asia and eastern Africa. Featuring more than 100 enticing recipes, this volume includes not only the finest dishes from India, but a variety of curries from around the world—from Sumatran Lamb Curry from Indonesia to Lobster in Yellow Curry Sauce from Thailand.

Twenty easy recipes for delicious spiced kebabs are also included, as well as soups, noodles, breads, chutneys, beans and vegetables to complement every dish.

A must-have addition to every curry lover’s library, this beautifully illustrated guide will give you a fascinating insight into the art of Indian cooking.

Page Count: 354

ISBN: 9781635610758 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781635617979 (Paperback)

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