La Vera Cucina


La Vera Cucina


Traditional Recipes from the Homes and Farms of Italy

By Carlo Middione

Beloved chef Carlo Middione’s shares his passion for traditional Italian food in La Vera Cucina. The featured 200 heirloom recipes may be traditional, but never stuffy or uptight.

You can practically taste the garlic and herbs in the air as you scan for your next meal to prepare, but La Vera Cucina offers more than great Italian recipes. Introducing intuitive techniques like "Quanto basta" (just enough!), Middione encourages you to trust your instincts and taste rather than adhering to the printed page; teaching the cook to adjust each dish to take advantage of the natural variations found among fresh ingredients. Rich with local culture and flavor, Middione’s vivid anecdotes make Italian cuisine accessible to the casual cook.

Let La Vera Cucina be your guide to the joy of homestyle Italian food. Learn insights into how to combine flavors and aromas to create delicious homemade meals.

All you need are the right ingredients and a few simple techniques. If you want to learn traditional Italian farm style and homestyle cooking, then look no further than this classic cookbook!

For even more recipes and techniques from Carlo, be sure to buy his award-winning The Food of Southern Italy.

Page Count: 384

ISBN: 9781635617771 (Hardcover)

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