Pomp and Sustenance


Pomp and Sustenance

from 18.95

Twenty-five Centuries of Sicilian Food

By Mary Taylor Simeti

This gem is more than just a cookbook. Walk through history with Pomp and Sustenance author Mary Taylor Simeti as she shares the secrets and eccentricities of Sicilian cuisine. Straddling the East and West, Christian and Muslim, land and sea, this Mediterranean island is a place of unique convergence. Nowhere is cultural convergence more evident than in Sicily’s regional culinary traditions and food culture. Simeti narrates this centuries-long journey, with wit and humor, making this historical cookbook a joy to own and use.

More than just history, Pomp and Sustenance is filled with wonderful recipes. impressive in their style, scope, and authenticity. There are chapters dedicated to street food, convent food, and the peasant’s food, giving the reader a taste of the diversity of ingredients and cooking methods found on the Island. Sure to be a favorite for anyone who truly savors Sicilian food, culture, and history. 

Page Count: 350

ISBN: 9781635617658 (Paperback)

ISBN: 9781635618518 (Hardcover)

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