The Food of Southern Italy


The Food of Southern Italy


By Carlo Middione

Venture beyond the familiar pizza, marinara, and risotto to discover the varied and delicious world of traditional southern Italian cooking. Sicilian-American chef and respected sage of Italian cuisine Carlo Middione takes us along on his search for the unique and authentic recipes of this historic region in this Tastemaker-award-winning guide.
With rustic dishes like quail roasted with pomegranate, spinach alla Romana, and ricotta and prosciutto crepes—some collected door-to-door and never-before written down—Middione paints a vivid culinary snapshot of Southern Italy. Masterfully packed with tidbits about the history and tradition of each dish within Italian culture, the author’s considerable skill, culinary wisdom, and enthusiasm shine through every page, making this a truly edifying and engaging read.

Every part of a complete and delicious feast is covered here, from breads and antipasti to side dishes and stews. It also includes a thorough glossary of southern Italian wines and a large assortment of heirloom pastry and dessert recipes.  You’ll find new techniques to improve upon classics like pizza margherita and other recipes for dishes that, while traditional to the region, are not commonly found in most Italian cookbooks. Middione’s creative and knowledgeable menu suggestions for every dish help make planning satisfying and authentic Italian meals simple work.

From primi piatti to dolci, there is much to love in this authentic guide to southern Italian fare.
Buon appetito!

Page Count: 352

ISBN: 9781635610406 (Hardcover)

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