Rage Against Age


Rage Against Age

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Restore the Power and Energy of Your Youth!

By Frank Covino and Charles E. Anderson, M.D.

Rage Against Age is bursting at the seams with time-proven medical information on how to become “young” again — no matter your age! Between the covers of this book is page after page of surprising and intriguing physiological information on the aging process and how we can postpone and even reverse it!

Rage Against Age will bring you up to speed on the most reliable and time-honored ways you can help protect and rejuvenate your youthfulness. Even today, at the age of 83, Frank Covino has the powerful body and keen mind that men half his age only dream of. Now you too can revitalize your physique so that you look and feel younger, stronger, and more attractive. Everything you need to strengthen your body and improve your health is right here in Rage Against Age!

Rage against Age tells you… what your mainstream physician hasn’t told you about…Growth Hormone / Melatonin / Testosterone / Viagra / Pregnenolone / DHEA / Norandrostenediol / Thyrod / Estrogen and the right way to diet and exercise! Page after page gives you age-reversing tips and techniques to achieve your goal.

About the Author

Frank Covino returned from a 13 month tour in Korea in 1954 with the Sygman Rhee Presidential Unit Citation and a mission to rebuild his physique, depleted from a year of scarce and severely rationed food and water. While training and studying to develop the program set forth in this book, Frank received his M.S. from the Pratt Institute in New York and began work as a ski instructor at Sugarbush Valley in Vermont and taught seminars in Classical Art during the off-seasons. Frank has authored a number of books including three art books The Fine Art of PortraitureDiscover Acrylics with Frank Covino, and Controlled Painting. He has also produced 12 instructional DVDs on art techniques and several books on skiing, which he illustrated himself.


ISBN: 9781626542105 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626542099 (Paperback)


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