Can Openers


Can Openers


Echo Point is pleased to partner with World of Tanks again for this Limited Edition Hardcover edition of Can Openers by Nicholas Moran, aka "The Chieftain," Director of Militaria Relations at Wargaming America.  

This new work fills a gap in the existing documentation for these fascinating tank killers. 

Hardback, about 240 pages long, $52.95 plus shipping, and filled with reports and photographs taken primarily from Ordnance Branch and Tank Destroyer Board archives, most of it previously unpublished, it traces the development of anti-tank vehicles from the 37mm Gun Motor Carriage T2 through to the 90mm Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun M56 Scorpion. The bonus code coming with the book, for PC, is for an M56. It does not cover the deployment and use of the vehicle, only the technical development of the designs and the decisionmaking behind that development.



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"By the time you read through the entire thing, you'll have a great appreciation for the war the TD force was put together for WW2. Lots of ideas had to be tried and weeded out before the fleets of M10s, M18s and M36s made it overseas. By the time the war was over, of course the Army had figured out that McNair's concept of massed, reserve TD units were a fantasy and that better tanks were needed. Postwar, the dedicated anti-armor vehicle lived on in different guises, such as the M56 90mm airborne GMC (covered here) and various missle-armed light vehicles. This is a great story told by a great storyteller... Well-researched, well-illustrated, great photo reproduction, many "what ifs" and "dead ends" and "oh my goawd" type photos. Densely packed with information. Well-written.  Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders; MUST HAVE for fans of US tank destroyers."

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It is obvious that Mr. Moran has spent a good deal of time in the archives compiling the information and collecting the photographs for the book. This is not a rehash of previously published materials, and those familiar with the subject will be pleased to find photos they have probably never seen before. The book is also sprinkled with quotes from letters and memos from the various US Army officers involved in the development of these tank destroyers. These quotes do much to explain the thinking and rationale of the people responsible for this assortment of oddities and experiments, helping to explain how some of these vehicles that seem so obviously flawed to those of us with the benefit of hindsight came to be.

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