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Flying Fortress

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The Illustrated Biography of the B-17s and the Men Who Flew Them

By Edward Jablonski

Renowned throughout the world for its strength and destructiveness, the Flying Fortress was one of the greatest fighting airplanes of all time. In this comprehensively documented biography, Edward Jablonski tells the story of the Flying Fortress Boeing B-17, America’s legendary long-range bomber. From the B-17's near death in infancy to the emergence of its successor, the Superfortress, Flying Fortress captures the exhilarating career of the B-17 with thrilling accounts of the exploits of these planes and their pilots. In this unforgettable history, Jablonski details the Fortress’s role in the strategic and tactical issues of air war, and chronicles the B-17’s roles in famous raids including Regensburg, Marienburg, Munster, Schweinfurt, Dresden, and Berlin, along with its part in great battles, such as D-Day.

Masterfully written, Flying Fortress is a classic in aviation literature with over 400 illustrations (many unpublished action photos) in addition to a section on the design of the Flying Fortress, which includes a number of detailed cutaway drawings. Approximately 60 pages from the Flying Fortress’s Piloting Manual are also featured herein. Find out why the Flying Fortress ultimately redefined the concept of war.

Edward Jablonski, life-long aviation enthusiast, served in the field of artillery during WWII and was a member of the Society of WWI Aero Historians and the American Aviation Society. Historian, biographer, and critic, Jablonski has written a number of books on aviation history and American cultural personalities.


ISBN: 9781626548671 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626549043 (Paperback)

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