Pennsy Power


Pennsy Power


Steam and Electric Locomotives of the Pennsylvania Railroad, 1900-1957

By Alvin F. Staufer

No form of transportation evokes as much romance and nostalgia as 20th Century railway travel. From Babe Ruth and his teammates traveling to yet another World Series, to Harry Truman’s whistle-stop campaigns, to Nick and Nora settling into a Pullman sleeper en route to their next adventure, so many of America’s most cherished memories have been powered by steam.

Rail fans and train enthusiasts will treasure this indispensable guide to the Pennsylvania Railroad’s late, great steam locomotives from the first half of the last century. From 1900-1957, a brilliant and dedicated engineering team brought forth the most powerful and efficient locomotives in the nation, and made the “Pennsy,” as it was colloquially known, the “Standard Railway of the World.”

Alvin Stauffer’s knowledge of the Pennsy’s steam and electric engines makes Pennsy Power the cornerstone for any rail fan’s personal library. This comprehensive guide contains…

· Detailed descriptions and illustrations of all classes of steam and electric locomotives
· Black and white photos from the Pennsy’s Golden Age
· 32 color reproductions of the famed Pennsylvania Railroad calendars from 1925-1958
· And much, much more!

Page Count: 336

ISBN: 9781635610178 (Hardcover)

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