Field Collecting Gemstones and Minerals


Field Collecting Gemstones and Minerals

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Collect and Preserve Minerals with Expert Step-By-Step Instructions

By John Sinkankas

With easy-to-follow instructions on how to extract, trim, preserve, store and exhibit gemstones and minerals, this guide does a superb job of introducing beginners to the science of field collecting.

Featuring clear and interesting illustrations, Field Collecting Gemstones and Minerals covers the fundamental aspects of mineral collecting, including how to plan for trips, read topographic maps and use various tools on your hunt for new specimens.

Also included is information about the geology of mineral formation, as well as how to identify, prepare, display and market your finds. John Sinkankas writes in an accessible, enjoyable style that have made his books trusted favorites for decades. 


Page Count: 418

ISBN: 9781635610642 (Paperback)

ISBN: 9781635618396 (Hardcover)

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