Harley-Davidson Racing, 1934-1986

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Harley-Davidson Racing, 1934-1986

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By Alan Girdler

For the past fifty years and more, Harley-Davidson has been ruling some racing roosts. Its competition iron has always been significant, often supremely victorious and never without passion. To borrow a term from another scene, this is a book about "hog power."What were H-D's competition bikes? How did they fare? And who were the heroes who rode them?

Allan Girdler, noted wordsmith, historian and straight-talking H-D enthusiast, digs deep to bring fresh perspective, technical analysis, and rider anecdote to this substantial and fascinating story of America's most successful racing motorcycles.

His "review" starts in the early 1930s, after the board tracks, after the overpowering success of the Wrecking Crew and its eight-valve twins, after the ear-splitting Pea Shooters, at the beginning of a new era of American racing organized by a reorganized AMA. A time ripe for a new style of Harley racer based loosely on production designs.

Read of the XLR, CR, CRS, CRTT, KRTT, XR-750, XR1000, and many more. Learn about Len Andres, Bill Huber, Bart Markel, Jay Springsteen, Chris Carr, Scott Parker, Dick O'Brien, and other racing stars. This is an engaging, passionate story by acclaimed motorcycle and automobile writer, Allan Girdler. Allan is a former editor for Car LifeCycle World, and Road & Track magazine. He has authored numerous books including Harley-Davidson Sportster and Harley-Davidson XR-750.


ISBN: 9781626542426 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626549326 (Paperback)

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