Masterpieces of American Jewelry


Masterpieces of American Jewelry

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By Judith Price

Throughout history humans have decorated themselves with wearable art that speaks of their rich culture and history. In Masterpieces of American Jewelry, leading jewelry expert Judith Price showcases the finest wearable art that has adorned Americans for the past 150 years— Charles Louis Tiffany, the Cartier brothers, and others—and relates the fascinating stories behind them. 

Price made her mark in the world of fine art through her involvement with the Museum of Modern Art in New York, on the boards of several art-related foundations, and as founder of the National Jewelry. Through these efforts and others, Price has established herself as the foremost authority on fine American jewelry. It is with this expertise that she has selected pieces that represent not only exquisite craftsmanship and artistic skill, but also encapsulate a moment in time in America.

The unique collection brought together by Price, photographed here in detail exhibiting the intricacies and sophistication which only great craftsmen can create, captures in metal and stone the elegance and aspirations unique to America.


Page Count: 132

ISBN: 9781635610338 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781635618341 (Paperback)

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