Masterpieces of French Jewelry


Masterpieces of French Jewelry

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By Judith Price

As America rose from a frontier nation to an industrial power, French jewelry became a symbol of status in a changing social environment.

With more than 80 stunning photographs, Masterpieces of French Jewelry offers a fascinating look at the most remarkable pieces that found their way into prominent American collections. Like all art, this delightful array of jewelry mirrors the evolving culture of its time. Chapters in this book explore jewelry of the Victorian Era and the Art Nouveau period of the early twentieth century; Art Deco; 1940s retro; up through the 1960s and more contemporary styles. Unique creations from distinguished artists including Man Ray, Pablo Picasso, Matta, and Arman are also featured. 

From author Judith Price, president of the National Jewelry Institute, comes the first and only book to showcase twentieth century French jewelry with a focus on pieces acquired by notable Americans, including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly and the Vanderbilts. 

This beautifully illustrated guide is a fantastic addition to any jewelry lover’s bookshelf. 


Page Count: 146

ISBN: 9781635610369 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781635618358 (Paperback)

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