Mobile Mansions


Mobile Mansions


From Vintage Beautiful Trailers to Luxurious Modern Palaces

By Douglas Keister

Since soon after the invention of the automobile, motorists have been taking their homes with them on the open road to satisfy their wanderlust while maintaining comfort in style. In Mobile Mansions, acclaimed writer/photographer Douglas Keister tells and shows the eclectic story of homes on wheels.

Take a trip through this slice of automotive popular culture, from the tiny camp cars (and a mobile church!) of the ‘20s to the converted busses of the ‘60s and the classic motorhomes of the ‘70s and beyond. Iconic brand names like Winnebago, Travco, Airstream, and GMC are well-documented here, as are unique “vision” vehicles such as vintage Zeppelin house cars, Lamsteed Kampcars (mounted to Model T Fords), and the futuristic-looking Dymaxion car (a prototype designed by Buckminster Fuller). Illustrated with spectacular color photos of unique, artistic, and vintage vehicles, this book is a delightful read for RV and pop culture enthusiasts alike.

Douglas Keister is also author of the popular book Going Out in Style: The Achitecture of Eternity, a fascinating look at how Americans remember those who have gone before.

Page Count: 160

ISBN: 9781635617870 (Paperback)

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