Oil Lamps


Oil Lamps

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The Kerosene Era in North America

By Catherine M. V.   Thuro

Near the turn of the twentieth century, the mass production of affordable lighting forever changed how we work, play, and live.  This tectonic shift is directly related to the availability of cheap petroleum-based oil and the refinement of the kerosene lamp. Author Catherine Thuro devoted years of research to compiling a record of these formerly ubiquitous lighting devices. Oil Lamps is her first masterpiece: a comprehensive, invaluable resource. With over 1,000 lamps shown in detailed studio photographs, clearly reproduced illustrations from catalogues and trade journals, this book is the definitive visual compilation of kerosene lamps and accessories. The clear photography is also matched by detailed and engaging explanations about the origins of lamp styles.

Thuro places the kerosene lamp in cultural and historical context, discussing the revolutionary large-scale production of these luminaries, the wide array of raw material used, and the far-reaching consequences of a society literally brought into the light on a massive scale. Included are 2004 updated values, making this is a must-have reference for collectors. 

Page Count: 366

ISBN: 9781635610727 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781635618433 (Paperback)

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