The Book of Word Games

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The Book of Word Games


Parlett's Guide to 150 Great and Quick-To-Learn Word Games

By David Parlett

If you were to imagine your ideal guide to a book of word games, who would you picture? Does an urbane, witty writer come to mind? How about a widely recognized authority and historian of games? Perhaps you'd want someone who successfully creates games himself and has written extensively on a wide variety of games? And—oh what the heck—let's make him British to add a bit of extra charm.

Well, if that sounds like the ideal game guide, look no further. David Parlett is an internationally recognized master of games. The author of many books, including the Oxford History of Board Games and The Penguin Book of Card Games, he has also created many games including Hare & Tortoise, which has sold over 3 million copies.

In The Book of Word Games Parlett presents a practical and entertaining guide to word games and how to play them. He offers clear and witty introductions to over 150 word games, indicating degree of difficulty, appropriate number of players, and age range (many of the games are great for the classroom or to give your kids some fun while improving their language skills). Parlett also gives a wealth of interesting etymological knowledge, including word origins, phonetic facts and interesting tidbits like the longest word in the English language. There is something for everyone, from new readers to sophisticated word connoisseurs.

From well-known favorites such as Boggle and Consequences to lesser-known but equally enjoyable games such as Bacronyms and Aesop's Mission, The Book of Word Games presents a wide-ranging collection of word games for verbivores of all ages.


ISBN: 9780963878472 (Paperback)

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