Tools, Materials & Equipment

By Chris Pye

Jam-packed with information about the craft of woodcarving, this well-illustrated guide by master carver Chris Pye covers all you need to know about the tools of the trade.

Covering a wide array of carving challenges such as proper clamping technique to the strengths and limitations of tools, expert Chris Pye offers a wealth of information and answers to your questions in this complete primer. Filled with nearly 700 photographs and line drawings, each page features detailed instructions and information.

Topics covered in this extraordinary volume include:

· Basic woodcarving tools
· How to sharpen tools
· Woodcarving accessories
· Safety tips
· Modifying devices
· How to properly hold tools
· Creating a workspace
· Finishing products

Whether you’re an experienced woodcarver or you’re just getting, this essential guide is one you’ll want to refer to again and again.

Chris Pye is also the author of the popular Lettercarving in Wood and Relief Carving in Wood.

Page Count: 374

ISBN: 9781635618143 (Paperback)