Founded more than a decade ago, Echo Point Books & Media has leveraged its considerable online retail know-how to transform hundreds of thousands of damaged books into millions of dollars of profits for its publishing partners. But what sets our service apart?

A Significant Revenue Stream

Our publishing partners typically see a net profit increase of 0.6–1%. So, for every $10 million in sales, you will typically receive $60,000 to $100,000 in additional income. To put this “found money” into context, consider what it would require in additional sales to generate that net profit. Assuming it takes $10 in sales to generate a $1 of net profit, our clients see the equivalent of a 6–10% increase in sales with essentially no effort.


Increase New Book Sales

• IMPROVE THE VISIBILITY OF YOUR BOOKS ONLINE: On Amazon, the sale of a used book improves that title’s overall sales rank, making that title more likely to be found on Amazon and often via Google searches. This contributes to a virtuous feedback loop on Amazon: books with better sales ranks show up more frequently and more visibly in searches– both when the customer does a subject search and when a customer searches for a different, but related book. This greater visibility tends to increase sales.

• CAPTURE THE PACKAGE OPENING MOMENT: We include your flyer or light-weight catalog with each of your books that we ship. By reaching buyers of your books when their interest is high, you can take advantage of a good opportunity to cross-market all your books, ebooks, or any other products or services you offer.

• ACCESS DIRECT CUSTOMER CONTACT: Along with the purchasing information of each customer, we give you the physical address and email address of your customers so you can market to them directly. (Note: about 1/3 of all sales automatically include an email address; many others can be generated via a third party vendor–a process we can handle for you if you choose that option.) If you consider the advertising cost of generating thousands of customer names, this value becomes obvious.

We Fully Understand Your Markets

In the shifting landscapes of online retailing and ebooks, not even Jeff Bezos knows what is coming next. But what Bezos and Amazon do brilliantly is collect and analyze as much data as possible. In addition to generating an untapped source of income, the sales information Echo Point provides helps you get more complete information about sales and trends in all the markets affecting your books. For example, flagging used prices (especially combined with solid sales), may indicate it is time for a new edition. Without seeing used book market data, you are flying with a blind spot–and with less cash to
fund new initiatives.


Test Without Committing

Typically, our publisher-partners start with us on a trial basis. After seeing the results, all decided to stay. Like the best business opportunities, there is almost no downside risk, excellent upside potential, and virtually no effort to implement.