our vision

After nearly a decade as a successful online retailer, in 2010 Echo Point Books & Media began looking to a segment of the book industry sorely under served by more traditional publishers: republishing high quality out of print titles for readers exasperated by their restricted availability and inflated secondary market prices. Years later and with a catalog of over 300 titles and counting, Echo Point Books & Media has proven itself as innovative leader capable of breathing new life into your title.


publishing that works for you

Our author-centered model combines painless production with generous terms to quickly and easily get books to buyers and money in your pocket.


style where it counts

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but in the world of publishing, the appearance of your work matters. With decades of experience and talent to spare, our accomplished in-house production team skillfully transforms aging book covers into timeless designs that will appeal to generations of new readers.


GLOBAL reach

Through our partnership with the industry leading book distributor -- Ingram Content Group -- Echo Point titles are available to retailers the world over, from the online giants to your favorite neighborhood bookstore.