Violin-Making: As It Was and Is


Violin-Making: As It Was and Is

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Being a Historical, Theoretical, and Practical Treatise on the Science and Art of Violin-Making for the Use of Violin Makers and Players, Amateur and Professional

By EdwardHeron-Allen

For an instrument whose origins date back to the 16th Century, the stirring sound of the violin plays a huge part in music being composed and played this very moment. From classical to country, from jazz to rock and even rap, the violin has always been a popular choice for the versatile virtuoso. 

One of the millions of people who have drawn a bow across the strings of the violin was an English polymath, writer, scientist, and all-around fascinating man Edward Heron-Allen. His love of the violin led to a friendship with renowned violin maker Georges Chanot III, and to a lifelong obsession with crafting the perfect instrument. A true Renaissance man, Edward Heron-Allen published this tribute to his favorite musical instrument over 130 years ago and, like the violin, it’s still an unrivaled classic.

Whether you’re a fresh-faced music student, a classically trained maestro, or if you simply enjoy fiddling along on the front porch, this guide offers:

  • An in-depth look at the history of the violin
  • A fascinating, and often surprising, discussion of the materials that make up the violin
  • A step-by-step guide to constructing your own violin – from selecting the materials to playing that very first note


Page Count: 394

ISBN: 9781635610529 (Paperback)

ISBN: 9781635610512 (Hardcover)

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