Capturing Light in Oils


Capturing Light in Oils

from 18.95

A Step-By-Step Guide by a Master of Painting Light

By Paul Strisik

“I feel that God’s sunlight on a single blade of grass is such a miracle and so difficult to capture in paint, it is worth a lifetime of trying” —Paul Strisik

Legendary artist Paul Strisik was not the kind of artist you’d find cooped up inside a studio. As one of the great plein air painters of his generation, Paul preferred to be outdoors using the sun to light his subjects. His years of experience in capturing that natural light are offered here in Capturing Light in Oils.

In these pages, Paul Strisik presents a step-by-step approach to using the three most powerful tools an artist can employ—design, color, and light. Using the techniques taught in this book, Strisik teaches how to use natural conditions to your advantage to create artwork that truly expresses your vision.


ISBN: 9781635610376 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781635610383 (Paperback)

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