Drawing the Female Figure

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Drawing the Female Figure

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By Joseph Sheppard

With over 270 unique examples, renowned artist Joseph Sheppard demonstrates how to draw the nude female realistically and with authority, to make each image come alive! In addition to basic drawing techniques, Sheppard provides insight into the procedure of drawing from life, from how to look at a model, to composition and emphasis necessary to create a compelling drawing.

Drawing the Female Figure covers the most important aspects of the female figure in a variety of poses: anatomical points, proportion, attitudes and weight distribution, rendering, variations and types, foreshortening, and the figure in motion. With the keenest attention to detail, Sheppard demonstrates how to draw each facet of the female anatomy in standing, seated, kneeling, crouching, and reclining positions.

With instruction and tips for every level of artist working with any medium, Drawing the Female Figureis the perfect addition to every creative person's library.

Joseph Sheppard attended the Maryland Institute of Art and was awarded a Guggenheim Traveling Fellowship to Florence, Italy in 1957. His work has won numerous prestigious awards and is featured in nearly two dozen museums and collections worldwide, including the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, and the Carnegie Institute Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, please visit the author's website www.josephsheppard.com.


ISBN: 9781626540040 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626549036 (Paperback)

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