Keys to Successful Color


Keys to Successful Color


A Guide for Landscape Painters in Oil

By Foster Caddell

In this follow-up to his wildly popular book Keys To Successful Landscape Painting, internationally respected artist and teacher Foster Caddell shares the secrets behind his renowned use of color. Using his own landscapes as reference, Caddell gives his 49 keys to overcoming problems with color and bringing oil-painted landscapes to vivid life.

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Renowned artist Foster Caddell shares the unique methodology behind his extraordinary use of color in this remarkable book, back in print due to popular demand.

Foster Caddell devoted his entire life to his art, beginning with developing a sophisticated drawing technique while in high school. He was employed as a lithographer before serving with the US Army Air Corps in World War II, documenting the action in the Pacific Theater with his sketchbook and watercolors. Upon returning to civilian life, Caddell continued working in lithography while engaged with freelance illustrating and portraiture, and he began teaching after being approached by local aspiring artists eager to learn his techniques. From these humble beginnings, Foster Caddell soon became the founder/teacher and CEO of the largest private art school in southern New England, located in Voluntown, Connecticut.

Intended for intermediate to advanced artists, Keys To Successful Color: A Guide for Landscape Painters in Oil is not your standard how-to art book. Using his own artwork as a visual aid, Foster gives the reader his tips, or “keys,” for solving various color-related problems in oil-based landscapes. Foster Caddell packs decades of wisdom into 144 pages, including:

• 26 of Foster Caddell’s oil paintings for reference
• 49 of Foster Caddell’s personal keys to success in oil painting