Painting Sumptuous Vegetables, Fruits & Flowers in Oil

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Painting Sumptous Vegetebles.jpg

Painting Sumptuous Vegetables, Fruits & Flowers in Oil

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By Jo Anna Arnett

Those of us lucky enough to lay eyes on Joe Anna Arnett's paintings have been blessed with the opportunity to appreciate first-hand the rich and varied textures, bold colors, and dramatic lights and shadows that contribute to the striking beauty and realism of her still lifes. With this book, you too will learn to wield your brush and palette to create breath-taking artworks that vibrate with spirit and allure.

Joe Anna includes clear and engaging instructions for painting a wide array of still life subjects, including tulips, lilacs, onions, grapes, lemons, peonies and more! Additionally, seven sets of step-by-step demonstrations will teach you how to transform large, blocked shapes into lush, detailed scenes.

With years of hands-on experience teaching students who have gone on to create stunning work in their careers, Joe Anna Arnett's instructions are much more than mere painting 'recipes'. Ranging from detailed advice on how to correctly hold your brush and tips on composition planning to lessons on color temperature and paint texture, the education offered by Painting Sumptuous Vegetables, Fruits & Flowers in Oil is comprehensive in scope and rigorous in quality. You will learn about every aspect of the painting process and will be inspired to create the best artwork of your life. If you're ready to take your oil painting to the next level, open this book, pick up your brush, and begin!


ISBN: 9781626542600 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626541566 (Paperback)

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