Sketching in Nature


Sketching in Nature


By Cathy Johnson

Featuring simple step-by-step instructions and hundreds of illustrations, this sketching and watercolor primer reveals how creating art can enhance any outdoor experience.


In this inspirational guide, Cathy Johnson, a nationally recognized artist, naturalist and teacher, offers personal anecdotes, exercises and useful tips that are perfect for every amateur artist. This book covers a wide range of subjects, including:


·    Tools and equipment

·    Mixing paints and washes

·    Selecting a subject to sketch or paint

·    Capturing the illusion of light

·    Sketching clouds, flowers, trees, plants and animals

·    Using field sketches as studies for future paintings

·    Understanding color and using a color wheel

·    A source list for art supplies


With more than 280 of Johnson’s own illustrations – both in color and black and white – this book will inspire you to appreciate every detail of the natural world. 


Page Count: 242

ISBN: 9781635615661 (Paperback)

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