The Natural Way to Paint

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The Natural Way to Paint

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Render the Figure in Watercolor Simply and Beautifully

By Charles Reid

Learn to figure paint in watercolor with a world-renowned instructor!

The Natural Way to Paint will teach you a natural approach to seeing and painting the human form in watercolor. By learning to carefully observe and capture the basic shapes and subtle nuances in human figures, you'll be able to infuse your work with newfound life and energy. Reid begins with lessons and practical exercises in contour and gesture drawing, which will help you learn to see and capture the essence of your subject. Once you've established a strong foundation of drawing skills, it's time to pick up your brush! Reid will guide you through detailed lessons on:

  • Painting technique and color theory
  • Moving from silhouettes to three-dimensional forms
  • Capturing and rendering facial features
  • Composing and designing a variety of figure paintings


Packed with examples, demonstrations, and detailed assignments, The Natural Way to Paint is the ultimate guide to beautiful figure painting in watercolor.

Charles Reid has long been considered a master painter. His paintings are fresh and spontaneous, displaying his profound understanding of light and color and expert drawing ability.

Reid was born in Cambridge, New York, and studied art at the University of Vermont and the Art Students League of New York. He has won numerous awards, including the Childe Hassam Purchase Prize at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the National Academy of Design, and the American Watercolor Society. In 1980 he was elected to the National Academy of Design. Public collections of his work include Smith College, Yellowstone Art Center, Brigham Young College, Roche Corporation, and the National Academy of Design. In addition to painting, Reid teaches workshops around the world. He has written eleven books on painting in watercolor and oil.


ISBN:9781626543836  (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626543829 (Paperback)

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